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​Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN

Администратор January 6, 2023

Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN is a powder metallurgical high-speed steel of the third generation, which is made from exceptionally pure fine powder produced at the modern plant for the production of high-quality powder steels BÖHLER in Kapfenberg, Austria. This alloy is expensive, belongs to the premium class with high hardness and complex mechanical and heat treatment. As a result, its...

Knives made of forged stainless steel 95x18

95X18 steel, which is often called "stainless steel", has a sufficiently high chromium content (17-19%), this is enough to classify this steel as stainless. It also has a high strength, which allows you to maintain the cutting edge for a long time. Steel 95X18 it is widely used for the manufacture of bearings, bushings, knives and other parts with high hardness.

Steel composition: Carbon (C) 0.90-1.00%, Manganese (Mp) 0.80%, Silicon (S)i 0.80%, Chromium (Sg) 17-19%, Sulfur(S) 0.025%, Phosphorus (P) 0.030%.