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​Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN

Администратор January 6, 2023

Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN is a powder metallurgical high-speed steel of the third generation, which is made from exceptionally pure fine powder produced at the modern plant for the production of high-quality powder steels BÖHLER in Kapfenberg, Austria. This alloy is expensive, belongs to the premium class with high hardness and complex mechanical and heat treatment. As a result, its...

20CV Powder Steel Knives

Composition of CPM 20CV steel, %

C - 1.9 Cr - 20 Mn-0.3 Mo-1.0 Si-0.3 V-4.0 0.6(W)

CPM 20CV steel is an American-made tool powder steel. It differs from other steels by high wear resistance and good corrosion properties. The recommended hardness is 60-63 HRC.The peculiarity of this steel is its fine-grained structure. CPM Steel 20CV is used for the manufacture of premium knives. This steel has good performance and retention of the sharpness of the cutting edge.

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