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​Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN

Администратор January 6, 2023

Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN is a powder metallurgical high-speed steel of the third generation, which is made from exceptionally pure fine powder produced at the modern plant for the production of high-quality powder steels BÖHLER in Kapfenberg, Austria. This alloy is expensive, belongs to the premium class with high hardness and complex mechanical and heat treatment. As a result, its...

Knives made of powder steel M398

Powder steel M398

This is a new development from the company Böhler-Uddeholm. It began to be produced in 2019. This steel has an increased Chromium content, which provides it with good corrosion resistance, as well as an increased Vanadium content, which provides the steel with extremely high wear resistance. The carbon content increased by 30 % compared to its predecessor, M390 steel, and added hardness to it. With proper heat treatment, the hardness of M398 steel is 63-64 units on the Rockwell scale.

Today, M398 steel is considered one of the best powder stainless steel.

Chemical composition of steel: C 2.7%, Mn 0.50%, Cr 20%, Si 0.50%, V 7.4%, Mo 1.0%, W 0.7%