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​Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN

Администратор January 6, 2023

Powder steel S390 MICROCLEAN is a powder metallurgical high-speed steel of the third generation, which is made from exceptionally pure fine powder produced at the modern plant for the production of high-quality powder steels BÖHLER in Kapfenberg, Austria. This alloy is expensive, belongs to the premium class with high hardness and complex mechanical and heat treatment. As a result, its...

Knives made of steel N690

Bohler N690 is a martensitic, cobalt-alloyed steel produced by the Austrian corporation Bohler-Uddeholm. The addition of cobalt makes the alloy structure homogeneous, and this is also facilitated by the unique technology of rolling steel sheets in the longitudinal and transverse directions. The blade made of this alloy has excellent cutting properties, perfectly resists shock loads, and is perfectly sharpened at home. The composition of this steel approximately corresponds to Japanese VG-10, but contains more molybdenum and chromium. It is very different high corrosion resistance and the ability to harden it to 61 HRC. It is considered a good steel for tactical knives, which need to have not only a resistant edge, but also the ability to withstand shock and lateral loads (for turning and for breaking). Many European branches, including Boker and Spyderco, make knives from this steel. Also, some models are Benchmade and almost all are Extrema Ratio.

Chem. composition: carbon-1.09%; chromium-17.2%; manganese-0.4%; molybdenum-1.1%; silicon-0.4%; vanadium-0.1%; cobalt-1.5%